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Positions Open

Part-Time First Impressionists

We are looking for front desk receptionists who will be the ones that welcome and check in our guests from abroad, creating the first impression for their stay here in Singapore. 

Full-Time Loud-Hailers

We are looking for marketing specialists who will be able to capture the best moments of who we are and our surroundings. If you love creating content within the vibrant backpackers' space, this role is certainly for you.

Full-Time Go-To Guy

We are looking for an operations manager who is our go-to guy (or girl!). We will provide the necessary training for you as well, so you are familiar with the ins-and-outs of how a hostel is run.

If you're interested, email us at for more information and questions.

We're Hiring

Staying in a hostel is awesome - you get to meet the world where you are. Working in a hostel is even more so... You get to meet the world daily!

Join our fun-loving and quirky fam as we present the best that Singapore got to offer to our fellow human beans from the rest of the planet.

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